January in review

January Summary

January was a long month, longer than expected, but full of powder turns, long night rests, friends from near & far, and New Year’s intentions.


Calendar Project – January


I decided, in order to stay in touch with family & friends, I would put together a calendar postcard each month. Hopefully I don’t fizzle out half way through the year!


Merry Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us. Warm feelings in the heart and cold snowflakes on the cheeks make me thankful for all the blessings of the year.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Pinterest Crush – Winter is coming

winter pinspiration

I love how Pinterest is always an unintentional moodboard of my current spirit. These are some of the recent pins that have caught my eye. Also, during purusings of the internet, I came across this poem, called My Favorite Thing, and it reminds me of all the little things that you forget to take notice of, especially during the everyday hustle. I took it as gentle reminder to be observant.

Wherever you are, be all there” -Jim Elliot

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Blue Snow Montana


I created this logo for a client a while ago, they were in the process of opening a new furniture store in Seattle. It was a fun project to work on since there were no existing design to work with, we had a fresh clean slate! Happy to see after almost a year in business Blue Snow Montana is still doing great! Check them out on Facebook or on their websiteblue snow montana



acroyoga mountainsOne of our latest obsessions has been acroyoga. We have entertained ourselves for hours lifting each other, trying new poses and laughing. It is very rewarding and comical!



Mother’s Day

lovely mothers day typographyHello to all the lovely mother’s out there. I hope you had a fabulous day with your children, friends and families.


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Graduation Announcement

grunge Graduation announcement


My little brother is graduating at the end of this month!! He sent me a few announcements that he had put together in Publisher, but they were a far cry from beautiful, so I helped him out. This is the final design we decided to go with.

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Colour Palette Moodboard: Portland

Portland Moodboardportland-colorsportland-mood-01

Have you heard of Skillshare? It is a great online resource for designers, there is a wide variety of courses covering a range of topics from “Create Your Own Geometric Animal” to “The Complete iOS Core Data Course.” I have a year subscription which included unlimited classes and offline viewing for your convenience. It is really handy if you feel you are stuck in a creative rut or would like to be inspired, the classes vary in length, the one I created this moodboard to go with: Color in Design: Create Your Own Colour Palette was 21 minutes, and with my research and design time only took me about 40 minutes to complete.

For my moodboard I chose Portland, Oregon, I recently completed Fugatives and Reguees, by Chuck Palahniuk which solidified my choice. I love exploring Portland and if I had to live in a city, that is the one I would choose. The ocean, mountains, and rivers are readily accessible, with the conveniences and quirks of one of the ‘weirdest’ cities in America.


Grinnell Glacier – Sept 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012 began the epic ‘Labor Day Weekend’ Hikes.Going to the Sun Road Sunset

Friday after work we packed up and headed over the sun road, and were treated to a gorgeous sunset. We landed in St. Mary at the KOA after dark, I’m certain is the best KOA in the USA. It was pretty full but luckily we managed to land a tent site near the cabins. Unluckily for the cabin tenants, we were not tired, ended up being a bit too rowdy around the campfire. Lanette was not feeling well in the night and threw up [fortunately] outside the tent.  In the morning we were treated to a gorgeous moon-set over the mountains, and after some delicious breakfast we packed up and headed to Many Glacier.St. Mary KOA Moon

The waves on Lake Sherburne had whitecaps on them, and we stopped to explore the lake and take some photos, finding a grizzly bear print in the sand.

Eventually we made it to the Many Glacier Hotel and got on the trail. Hiking, we had a difficult time containing our excitement. Run-walking. Yelling, Singing. Pretty much causing a scene. “It’s just like a post card!” “I met a bear, in tennis shoes…” “We’re so lucky to live here!!” The trail was pretty busy, as all gorgeous, sunny Saturday’s in Glacier Park are. About 4 miles in the blisters on my ankles were yelling a bit too loudly at me, I took off my garage sale hiking boots, and stuffed them on the side of the trail. My SmartWools offered enough cushion from the rocky trail, or so I thought. I hobbled the rest of the way up the trail, as the rocks got sharper and less trodden down as we went. A bighorn sheep crossed the trail about 50 yards behind us, and a mountain goat sunning itself on the snowfield were the four-footed creatures we were delighted to catch sight of.Grinnell Lake

At Upper Grinnell Lake we threw a few snowballs, reveled in the opaque, turquoise water, ate a snack, took some self timer pics, watched a crazy guy jump off an ice chunk into the lake (wearing a wet suit). We also scoped out some people on the Grinnell Glacier overlook (via the Highline Trail). and said to ourselves, “One day we will be there.”Upper Grinnell Lake

Enroute back to the car, a water fall gushing over the trail provided a great place to refill our water bottles, wet our sweaty heads, and a spit wash for my dusty socks. I nabbed my hiking boots from the bush, and slung them over my shoulder. Almost back to the car we ran into two park rangers, who glared unapprovingly at my sock clad toes, and handed me a few band aides. They didn’t provide much protection from the heinous garage sale boots, but it was nice of them. We got to the boat launch as soon as the boat for Many Glacier was leaving, it was tempting to hop aboard, but I toughed it out the rest of the way to the car.

Heading back to East Glacier, we chowed down what snacks we had left in the car, to quiet the growling bears in our stomachs. We ran into Ronna Keim at the Glacier Park Trading Co, while we waited for our table at Serrano’s. When we were finally seated  at Serrano’s we caused another scene, downing chips and salsa, and then our meals in record time. On the way home we stopped at the Keim’s friends house to say hello, and then cruised over Marias Pass to home!

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