Dabbling in Collage

Glacier National Park Collage

For quite some time I have admired quirky, fun collages all over the internet, and thought to myself, “I could make something like that.” So here are some feeble attempts at creating some random goodness for your viewing pleasure. For the Glacier National Park collage I was inspired by the quote: “And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.” -Shanti I thought about days when that quote applies to me, and playing in the mountains is where I have been finding my inner-child recently. yellowstone collage

This collage is something I started working on a while back, and uncovered on one of my flash drives. The canyon photo and the one of my friend Kara and I are from a spontaneous trip we took to Yellowstone National Park, the rest are goodies from years past, discovered on the internet. Hopefully I will find more time in the near future to create more of these collages, maybe one for each national park I visit?

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

shine like a diamond

It has been raining like Seattle around here. I am dreaming of fluffy snowflakes, glistening in the sunshine, kissing my nose. Or snow peppering your face as it comes down sideways. Just please Ullr, bring us snow. I’ve been doing the Heikki Lunta snow dance. I was even brave enough to hug a yeti!! But nothing seems to help.

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Cobalt Lake


June 22, 2013

Kara, Julia, Janie, Alicia, Melanie, and I took off for an adventure in the Two Medicine area to Cobalt Lake. We left from the Two Medicine Lake Boat Launch and ate lunch near Rockwell Falls, which were absolutely gushing with all the snow melt. The trail turned to a slushy mucky mess after a few miles, but we were not deterred. Eventually it became completely snow covered, with no apparent trail. Good thing for a fisherman in front of us, or we would have had no clue where we were heading.  At Cobalt Lake we made fast friends with the fisherman, named Olen. He was working on a ranch in eastern Montana, and a little lonely. We chatted with him on the return trip, and shared a delicious feast with him at Serrano’s. Some of us decided it would be a good idea to run part of the trail back, unfortunately it also meant that we sped right past a moose swimming in the pond. The others who weren’t in such a hurry to get to the car stopped and watched the moose for a bit. cobalt lake, glacier park

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Hiking Journal

hiking journal

I am starting a hiking journal here, I hope you don’t mind. I will be posting details of my hikes and adventures along with photos. It will be a nice reference for me to look back on, and a good resource for other people looking to hike!


North to Alaska


Today I am leaving for an adventure to Alaska. I am excited to kayak between the icebergs, roam on the glaciers, and climb in the mountains. Hopefully we get to see some wildlife and catch some fish!

Flathead Cherry

FLathead Cherry

I have been working with Sweet Peaks to create flavor graphics for social media. Here is one I was really pleased with. Sweet Peaks uses local cherries blended with Montana sweet cream to make the most marvelous cherry ice cream. Throw in some chocolate chips, and bamm. Drool ensues.

It feels weird to use a cell phone picture, but since this will be posted to Instagram and Facebook, I didn’t think it was a big deal. What do you think about cell phone photos for social media design work?

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Pinterest Crush – Sea Green

sea green pinterest crush

 [Palm Trees] [Watercolor Mural] [Birks] [Tea Packaging]  [Tiles]

Spring is finally showing its face around here today, and I am ready for summer, getting my sandals & tank tops out! And planning summer hiking/camping trips! We are planning to go backpacking into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, should be an adventure, as most of the people going are first time backpackers! It’s amazing how difficult it is to coordinate 7 different schedules, we are struggling to find a weekend that works for everyone involved!

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Happy Easter!

EasterEggs   To get in the Easter spirit, I decorated some eggs, had brunch with some friends, and gave each other Easter baskets. It was a fantastic way to spend the lovely day.


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