analysis of myself

My Inspiration:

this feels like a really loaded, hard question to answer. It’s really deep. And i am not. (deep) it sucks to say that because the antonyms for deep are shallow, frivolous, ignorant, unintelligent. I tried to step outside the box and look at myself from the outside and observe my work. And I concluded: my family is constantly showing up in my work. They mean so much to me. All of my life I have been surrounded by my family. Aunts, parents, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great uncles, brothers. Designs I make are really fun, airy, girly, My surroundings are really important to me. I love all the seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, they’re all amazing. Life is short, I think you should enjoy it and make the most out of your situation. Everyone has problems, it’s all in the way that you deal with them. I also really enjoy clouds and the moon. Stratus, cumulus, cirrus, nimbus, they’re so marvelous. Stargazing and moonlit walks are fun. Snowshoeing in the moon light is something I really enjoy, it’s always really cold and peaceful.

Stong Points:

i pay a ridiculous amount of attention to miniscule details. Observation is also one of my strong points. What is the point of living if you don’t observe everything going on around you? You miss out on so much if you keep your eyes closed! I am a visual learner, I catch on really quickly. When I don’t catch on to something it is really frustrating for me and I don’t think i deal with it very well. I should improve on that. I feel like we should have done these essays for other people in the class, because I am my own worst enemy. I am so hard on myself, it is never perfect enough, I think that goes back to my growing up years, my dad was always pushing us to do better. I feel like I am probably too hard on other people in my life as well.  That could be a strength or a weakness. I am not scared to tell people my honest opinion of their art, if they are looking for criticism.

My portfolio:

I think my portfolio should be a good sampling of all the things I have done and am able to do. I would like to do some more photoshop work to add to my portfolio, try to do something a little different from what I am initially attracted to. Step outside the box. I think my portfolio should have lots of variety and be well-rounded.

Room for Improvement:

Everyone can improve. I feel like I have so much further to go before I will actually be ready for the work force. I think that I need to learn more about typography and what is easy to read, what is eye-catching, what spacing is ideal, etc. I would like to figure more out about myself, who I am, what I want to be, where I am going with my life. But I think that it will come with experience in life. But for now, I am designing because I enjoy it and that’s good enough for me!

Hobbies of mine that might show up in my work are baking, reading, scrapbooking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, traveling, cross-country skiing, wakeboarding, and volleyball.


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