Rain Rain Go AWAY


This past weekend it rained, and rained and rained. There was a few patches of sunlight though, just enough that I decided it would be a good idea to hang my clothes on the line! Well that was Friday, and they’re still on the line, still wet! Every time they get close to dry, it rains again. I think I’ll have to put them on the spin cycle and throw them in the dryer, if I want to wear them before July.


Rainy Day

In the midst of the rain I did manage to do a little sewing, on this pillow project I started months ago. I’m really loving how it looks so far! Hopefully it only gets better from here. I have almost all of the pieces top stitched on, and then I will need to satin stitch them all on. I would love to mass-produce them, because I can see so much potential with them! I think it’d be really cool to see how it turned out if you had the petals gradate, in color, around the center. If you look close at the original there is some great stitching going on, it’d be fun to try that as well. Anthropology Inspired Pillow

Sewing Project

On Saturday we went garage sale-ing in the rain! I was stoked because I found a rip-stick, I have been looking for one ever since I had to return my cousins’ to him.


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