Happy Crackers and Happy Scooter

I experimented with homemade crackers. This recipe is from My New Roots, they are happy crackers! Once you master them, you can add your own flavorings and there is lots of room for creativity. They were fun to make! I used the blender & it turned into this gloppy mess, that you see in the middle photo. It is just a small blender & couldn’t really handle such a large amount of dry goods. But I got it to chop the rice & quinoa up, the flax seeds remained whole, but I was fine with that. The pan that I used was too small for the amount of dough I had, so they turned out pretty thick, and I had to cook them for much longer than the recipe stated. When I make these again, I will leave out the tamari, it is too salty & flavor full for me, I prefer my crackers to be more bland. If you would like the recipe & the hints and tips from Sarah Britton click here.

Happy Crackers

I took a video of my friend Marcelle riding Janie’s scotter! It is so much fun! I would love to buy one, if only it could get around in the winter!

We purchases a Cobra Viper Volleyball net and it came in the mail today! I’m so excited, now we can play volleyball whenever and wherever we would like!

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