Colour Palette Moodboard: Portland

Portland Moodboardportland-colorsportland-mood-01

Have you heard of Skillshare? It is a great online resource for designers, there is a wide variety of courses covering a range of topics from “Create Your Own Geometric Animal” to “The Complete iOS Core Data Course.” I have a year subscription which included unlimited classes and offline viewing for your convenience. It is really handy if you feel you are stuck in a creative rut or would like to be inspired, the classes vary in length, the one I created this moodboard to go with: Color in Design: Create Your Own Colour Palette was 21 minutes, and with my research and design time only took me about 40 minutes to complete.

For my moodboard I chose Portland, Oregon, I recently completed¬†Fugatives and Reguees, by Chuck Palahniuk which solidified my choice. I love exploring Portland and if I had to live in a city, that is the one I would choose. The ocean, mountains, and rivers are readily accessible, with the conveniences and quirks of one of the ‘weirdest’ cities in America.


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