Calendar Project – March


Typically , when we go to the mountains , we have a destination in mind – a trail to follow, a timeline to stick to. I don’t mind this sort of exploring, especially since it usually means ending up at a beautiful lake, waterfall, or mountain top. On occasion , though, there are situations that lend themselves to unstructured exploring. I have very fond memories of these times , frolicking in the outdoors.

One Saturday we went to Mcdonald lake, south of the Flathead. None of us had been before, so we had no expectations, no agenda, no obligations – besides to enjoy each others company. Arriving at the lake, we discovered it to be very low, with plenty of shore to hike around. We found varied terrain, a great sign for exploring! The shore began with large rock outcroppings, turning to a rock field then to a tree-stump filled swamp as we hiked, allowing us to feel as though we had covered lots of ground in a short period of time.


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