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North to Alaska


Today I am leaving for an adventure to Alaska. I am excited to kayak between the icebergs, roam on the glaciers, and climb in the mountains. Hopefully we get to see some wildlife and catch some fish!


Instagram Obsession

I’ve been having so much fun posting pics on Instagram lately. I try to control myself, as to not blow up anyones feed! Here are some of the pics I’ve posted lately. You can view all of my photos here.

Canoe Lily Pad Lily

Lilies and lily pads we visited in the canoe on Seeley Lake

Ocean City Maryland

Life sized postcard on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, perfect photo op!

airplane sunset sky

Sunset from the airplane on a recent flight homeRed Lodge Cafe

Wandering around Red Lodge, Montana we found this adorable sign, and I had to convince the girls we needed a picture here.

Fall Foliage Dirt Road

Fall leaves on a soggy Sunday in Michigan

Lake Superior

Surfing with my brother and his friends in Lake Superior

St. Mary KOA

The St. Mary KOA has the most fantastic views of any KOA I’ve been to. It is fantastic waking up here!

Picnic Lunch

Whitefish City Beach dock with Whitefish Lake & Whitefish Mountain in the background






animated Gif

yay! i’m so stoked! i finally figured out how to add animated gifs to my blog posts & html emails!! It was soooo easy!!! i can’t believe i didn’t do it earlier!!!

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and it sure feels fine when the sunshine shines

the sunshine has such a huge impact on me, it is so crazy how the beautiful, nice sunny days i have so much more enthusiasm and motivation than on days when you wake up to rain and clouds. i didn’t think that it made that much of a difference for me, but this week the sunshine has made a huge difference!

I guess it probably didn’t hurt that on one of the sunshiny days i got a raise!!
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I have a hard time realizing what I am feeling. Until someone points out to me that I am acting a certain way or asks me about a certain situation, I don’t do any self evaluations to realize what I am feeling. Or is it that I just convince myself that I am feeling the way they observe that I am acting? because that is what people are expecting of me?

not sure if this makes any sense @ all?

i went to MoMA…

I went to MoMA…  This is such an amazing idea. Its gives the museum useful information so they know how the public reacts to their visit to the museum in a really fun, interactive way!!