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Yoga Poster

yoga poster-01

At our house we all enjoy a good asana, as a reminder to practice, I created this poster using photos from yogajournal.com


Mother’s Day

lovely mothers day typographyHello to all the lovely mother’s out there. I hope you had a fabulous day with your children, friends and families.


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Graduation Announcement

grunge Graduation announcement


My little brother is graduating at the end of this month!! He sent me a few announcements that he had put together in Publisher, but they were a far cry from beautiful, so I helped him out. This is the final design we decided to go with.

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

shine like a diamond

It has been raining like Seattle around here. I am dreaming of fluffy snowflakes, glistening in the sunshine, kissing my nose. Or snow peppering your face as it comes down sideways. Just please Ullr, bring us snow. I’ve been doing the Heikki Lunta snow dance. I was even brave enough to hug a yeti!! But nothing seems to help.

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Flathead Cherry

FLathead Cherry

I have been working with Sweet Peaks to create flavor graphics for social media. Here is one I was really pleased with. Sweet Peaks uses local cherries blended with Montana sweet cream to make the most marvelous cherry ice cream. Throw in some chocolate chips, and bamm. Drool ensues.

It feels weird to use a cell phone picture, but since this will be posted to Instagram and Facebook, I didn’t think it was a big deal. What do you think about cell phone photos for social media design work?

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Nautical Repeating Pattern

To continue with yesterdays post theme, i created this repeating pattern in illustrator. Wrapping Paper artist?! I’m thinking that could be my next occupation… Its quite simple, I followed this tutorial to create a repeating pattern in illustrator, and drew these nautical baubles. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the blog brush tool in Illustrator. Its so much fun, especially with my pen tablet! The pirates are still ransacking the neighborhood! Hide your kids!! (or not, its up to you) Nautical Repeating Pattern