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March in Review

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Glacier National Park

glacier, lake mcdonald

View from Lake MacDonald Lodge, looking towards the going to the sun road, highline trail, garden wall.

avalanche creek, glacier national park

Trail of the Cedars bridge, looking into Avalanche Creek

trail of the cedars, glacier national parktrail of the cedars, glacier national park

Trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Creek Trailhead

lake mcdonald, glacier national park

Lake MacDonald

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Picnic Lunch

Whitefish City Beach dock with Whitefish Lake & Whitefish Mountain in the background







My trip to Hollywood was an eye opener. It is amazing to me what people are satisfied with. Currently my desktop wallpaper from Our Paper Shop says: “Thanks for not being easily satisfied.” I didn’t really realize how true it was for me until I thought about it a bit. It seems so easy to get stuck in some rut of satisfaction, not that there is anything wrong with being satisfied with little but, come on, increase and multiply!! Make your life better, each and every day!! I am thankful for the adventurous spirit I was blessed with.
“Too many people go through life waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen!”  -Sasha Azevedo

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